Tangible Initiatives for Local Development Tanzania (TIFLD)

" Tech driven NGO "

Mission,Vision and Objective


Sustainable and developed local communities in Tanzania.


The organization is dedicated to contribute in promoting and safeguarding democratic principles, strengthening democratic institutions mainstream the marginalized and build resilience communities in order to sustain development through participatory approach and innovative tools.


The objectives and functions of the Organizational shall be:-
a) To empower the community with the knowledge and tool that can help them contribute in promoting sustainable development
b) To engage in legal and policy reforms to promote sustainable development and inclusion,
c) To promote and protect democratic principles including human rights, good governance, rule of law, access to justice.
d) To award individuals or organization that plays a big role in promoting sustainable development, innovation, science and technology in all sectors.
e) To influence public engagement in innovation and in science and technology.
f) To bring together different local development stakeholders to network, dialogue and deliberate on local and sustainable development
g) To conduct research and all other activities on issues of development.

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