Tangible Initiatives for Local Development Tanzania (TIFLD)

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Ms. Geline Fuko - TIFLD Executive Director in a meeting with Administrator Samantha Power, the USAID Global Adminstrator. USAID has been at the forefront of supporting CSOs' work in Tanzania. Joining Administrator Power is Tyler Beckelman Deputy Assistant Administrator Bureau for Africa as well as USAID Tanzania Kate Somvongosiri, USAID Tanzania senior officials Florida Henjewele, and Adam Lingson

TIFLD hosted 2021 Digital Tools Innovators Exhibition to promote Gender and Civic Engagement.
Officiated by H.E Kate Somvongsiri USAID Tanzania Mission Director

TIFLD Conducting Bunge Forum Training

Political Parties Bill 2018; it is already past midnight and the team is still analyzing the bill ready to present before the Parliamentary Standing committee. This is a joint submission done by 17 CSO/ NGO in Dodoma.@Tanlap members Tangible Initiatives For Local Development Tanzania , Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition WiLDAF Tawla Chama Envirocare Crisis Resolving Center

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